Simple Guide on How to Get Rid of Cockroaches at Your Home

Have you ever woken up at night and as you light up the bedroom lights, you scream in horror as you hear the sound threshing rushing sounds of flying cockroaches? If that sounds like you, then you will probably want to know how to get rid of steer flying cockroaches.


Fast Methods of Getting Rid of Roaches permanently

  • You need to have few ingredients. Get a powdered boric acid from the nearby pharmacist, use normal white flour and a spoonful of granulated white sugar.
  • The process is simple.
  • Mix both items together by adding four drops of water.
  • Dough-off the mixture properly.
  • Put the mixture in home areas where there are commonly infested with roaches.

The working process is easy:

  • Sugar tends to act as bait
  • Boric acid is the cockroach killer.
  • It will take a week to eliminate all roaches in your house. After that, control the entrance of roaches in your house so as to avoid such embarrassing moments.
  • This method is best known to eliminate every last roach in your home.

 Second Method

You may also use another method of getting rid of roaches in your home.


  • Required ingredients boric acid, powdered cocoa and flour
  • Add one part of boric acid and one part of cocoa. Lastly, add two parts of flour.
  • The application process is just like the first method and the working procedure too.

Other alternative methods of getting rid of roaches presently

Water trap:

  • It is typically a jar with some water.
  • Put the funnel in the mouth of the jar
  • Put the whole trap or jar directly in front of the roaches nest
  • As soon as they set out of their nest, after smelling the bait, they will immediately fall into the jar trap.
  • The funnel will prevent them from moving out.
  • Repeat the process a couple of times, until you are sure that there are no roaches in the trap jar.

Water and soap

It is one of the modest designed for killing roaches. Just mix the regular bathing soap with water. Mix it well and try to splash or spray directly on roaches. In fact, they die instantly.

Borax and Sugar

As stated above, cockroaches are attracted by organic things. In this remedy, sugar acts as a utilizing agent to attract the roaches, and borax acid harms the roaches’ immune system by drying out their exoskeleton.

Procedure to follow

  • Mix equal measure of borax and sugar.
  • Presently place the mixture near to the roaches’ entrance; it can be on the baseboards, under cabinets ad sink.


Borax is typically known as a very toxic chemical.

  • You have to be very keen while using it.
  • It is advisable to sprinkle up the mixture to places where pets and kids are not reachable.
  • To avoid any future mishap, mark the mixing jar or you can opt to throw it away in a safe place.
  • Use gloves while mixing the mixture and use a hand washer moisturizer to wash your hands three to four times.

Useful tips to get rid of roaches

  • It is recommended to wear a protecting gear on your nose while working with toxic chemicals.
  • They can cause lung irritation or even breathing problems.
  • Keep all the mixed chemicals hidden and away from your pets and kids. You can try to keep them in a place where they will only be accessible to cockroaches only.
  • If you have knocked out a live roach and it appears to be half-dead. Then always be on the look to clean up the mess properly.
  • It is also important to practice a high level of hygiene in your house. Dispose your garbage regularly and don’t keep fermented or used utensils for a long time.




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