Things to Consider When Replacing Sidings

The siding is typically an exterior form of material that is applied to the external parts of the house. In general, they help in shedding off excess water thus protecting the walls from any anesthetic effects.

There are several damages that happen to your sidings, especially when they are old enough, and the only option is to replace them. There is often moisture damage that is unnoticeable from the surface and an unusual rot that never cease to disappear. Installing new vinyl will not solve the siding problem, but it is recommended to strip-off the surface to unveil potential problems.


General Overview

Before reinstalling and installing new sidings, you need to think about some factors such as outdoor climatic change. If the sidings are still intact, you can wait and replace them during spring and summer months; the layer of insulation allows cool and current air in your home.

  • Surprisingly, a couple of factors may indicate a failing siding from inside the home. If you are experiencing a sagging wallpaper and peeling of paint, then it is because of your aging siding that tends to allow moisture to seep beneath into your wallboard.
  • If you have installed a wood siding in your home, try to tap various areas of the sidings with a hammer or a screwdriver. The process will expose areas that have drastically succumbed to dry rot. If it is discovered early, then full replacement of the siding will be done to avoid feature damages.

Color Variation

The chosen color variation of you siding is almost entirely aesthetic; it tends to carry several implications that might be undetected.

  • What type of colors is predominant in your neighborhood? Well, that canary blue might have looked unique and beautiful in a magazine, the last thing in mind is to avoid sticking out the same color context with your neighbor.
  • If your home is located in a hot climate, then consider choosing a lighter shade since it helps to reduce much heat than a darker shade. The process will save you money as you try to keep you home comfortable and cool during summer.
  • Try to imagine if your new siding will juxtapose with your windows and doors. If you are planning to change the color theme of your house, also your new color should harmonize with your new sidings.


Try to look for a unique and different color of the siding. In fact, it should not be similar to your neighbors siding. The process of choosing material is the most difficult decision to make. There are many varieties to choose from, but the best choice will be determined by the effort you are willing to exert so as to maintain its texture.


Does your climate suggest only one type of the siding? You should also think about the suitable material. For instance, wood siding will need to be re-painted in the feature. That said you would have the chance to change its color scheme.

On the other hand, vinyl siding is quite difficult to paint. It can only be done with uniquely designed paints. Once the factory finish is painted, the vinyl siding tends to disappear in the process.


Important Aspects to Note

  • Before installing a new siding, you should ask your contractor to choose the best siding for you. Not only humidity and heat will damage the siding, but also a predominance of termites as well. If energy efficiency is your first concern, then consider insulated sidings.
  • How much maintenance are you willing to commit? Wood siding requires a lot of upkeep while vinyl siding requires less maintain ace. On the other hand, fiber cement siding requires regular painting; it prevents water damages and insects.
  • The project of starting to side your house might be quite expensive, thus depending on the size of your home. Keep in mind, how your new siding will tend to affect your home value.
  • At first it might seem that you choose a lavish expense but by choosing a high-quality material, it will be a wise investment plan.
  • The first glimpse that every person will notice in your home is siding. The intervention of competent contractors and careful planning will ensure that your home siding is a source of pride.



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